About So Dom Fetish Club Pattaya

So Dom Fetish Club Pattaya is a part of a group of four entertainmnet places specialized in providing BDSM and Fetish experiences.

We will propose twice daily a one hour an 15 minutes show realized by sexy and professionals performers. Thanks to diferents role plays they will introduce tou you the mysterius, kinky and sensual BDSM and fetish universe, such as bondage technics, domination, discipline, mistress master and submisive role plays, candles technics and much more !

With a capacity of 40 seats in a unique decor ceated by BDSM and fetish professionals, every spectator can enjoy a very close look at the action.

A free drink is also included for each client.

Our show is open and accessible to everybody, long time BDSM and fetish players, beginners and curious people who are interested in discovering our incredible universe.

Looking for something really different in Pattaya ? So Dom Fetish Club garantee to give your clients a really unique and unforgetable experience !




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