So Dom Fetish Club – Pattaya

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure ~ Marquis de Sade

So Dom Fetish Club Pattaya is a new gay male fetish club and gay male BDSM club with a gay male bar located in Pattaya (Thailand). This is the first such club in Thailand and will be open from the 1st January 2016.  The club and the bar are located at the long established venue of The Castle in Pattaya, which has been serving as a fetish and BDSM club for over 11 years.  Due to growing popularity and demand  we have decided to expand our offering to include an all gay male fetish and BDSM club with a bar. So Dom Fetish Club Pattaya gay club and gay bar only for gay men.

As with The Castle people can come to watch and experience an intimate show. The club will cater to the experienced in BDSM as well as the curious.  The Castle is open 7 days a week from 6pm until 2am. Customers who are interested to visit the club can find our location on the contact page.  There is, as with all fetish clubs in Thailand, an entry fee which includes a free drink and show.

What people say about the Castle

Nice atmosphere, a wide variety of props, and a skilled staff make The Castle a great place to visit. Thanks for a great experience!

Hank (USA)from Facebook

I last visited the Castle…i was forcefully tied to a dentist’s chair, had all my pubic hair ripped out, then had red hot candle wax poured onto my bell end….it was mega….i will definitely be coming back soon.

John Luke
John Lukefrom facebook

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